How Will the Internet of Things Change the Way Designers Work?

Sebastian Brunner, a freelance expert and social scientist, is convinced that Designers of the future will work in a post-national state and post-corporate world.

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How Can an Office Become a Living Brand Identity?

Martin Binder, an artist and designer, claims that an impeccable Corporate Interior Design represents the company and the people that form the company at its best.

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How Can Architecture Be Even More Than Building Structures for a Client?

Lars Krückeberg, Wolfram Putz, and Thomas Willemeit from GRAFT are sure that it's the view on life, that addresses the architectural needs in every one of us.

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What Are the Tyrannies That Global Creative Leaders Must Overcome in Order to Become More Successful?

David Slocum, Faculty Director at the Berlin School of Creative Leadership, is sure that creative leadership is about continually sensing and adapting to situations, reframing problems and challenges, and developing and delivering alternative solutions to generate value and business benefits.

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Can Focusing on Taboos Help Solve Systemic Problems?

Susanne Stauch, a design researcher, is sure that we're facing increasingly complex design challenges, that need to be tackled inter- and trans-disciplinarily.

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How Human Does Digital Need to Be?

Andre Wilkens, an author and “Weltverbesserer”, believes that if machines take care of everything, we can put all our energy into making the world a better place.

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Is the Global Network the Ideal Organizational Form of the Future?

Robert Eysoldt, a creative consultant and expert for creative industries, is convinced that digital natives are looking for meaningful tasks and have an increased desire for flexibility and self-determination.

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Does Globalized Fashion Mean (One) Style for All?

Anita Tillmann, Managing Partner at PREMIUM Group, is convinced that the concept of “globalization” calls to mind the ideal of everything being available to everyone, no matter where they are.

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How Is Digitalization Changing the Way We Work?

Alicia Metz-Kleine, editor at Tandemploy, believes that New Work and digitalization can lead us to a more self-determined, human and flexible working world.

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Does Design Create a Space for Utopias?

Gosia Warrink, an author and designer, is convinced that Design has the potential to move people and create change.

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How Can an Enduring Bridge Be Built Between Two Creative Epicenters?

Nikolaus Hafermaas has found out that creative Berliners are highly resourceful and have often found a greater balance between their personal and professional lives than their Californian counterparts.

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Can We Understand Systems by Transforming Design?

Pelin Celik and Jan Vietze, both professors for Industrial Design at the HTW Berlin are convinced that design can shape human experiences and can initiate a dialogue on technical or socio-political questions in search of answers.

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Does the Future of Design Education Lie in the Universities of Today?

Fons Hickmann, design professor at the Berlin University of the Arts, is convinced that In today’s world, we each know a little bit about everything, but not enough of anything.

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How Can We Drive Digital Mastery in Europe?

Andrea Bauer is an expert and author on digitalization and requests to proactively embrace the digital transformation while fostering the discourse on the effects on society, governance, and geopolitics in Europe.

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Is This the End of the World as We Know It?

Will the corona virus destroy the design and creative industries or could the crisis even be an opportunity?

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